4431 Alcott Street     Denver, Colorado 80211
Phone: 303.641.3392     Email: jewels@laurynesther.com

Lauryn Esther : home

Lauryn Esther Studio is a specialty retail boutique and wholesale jewelry business located in the Highlands neighborhood in Denver, Colorado. We specialize in originally designed jewelry of Lauryn Esther Mangat. The aim of Lauryn Esther Studio is to deliver high quality original works that reflect the tastes and personality of our customers.

The proprietor, Lauryn Esther Mangat, graduated from Lewis and Clark College with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2002. Her background in art reaches all the way back to early childhood, and her love of jewelry making began at age 12. Lauryn also has more than ten years of retail experience.

Lauryn's background provides the source for much of her passion and inspiration as an artist. As the daughter of prominent Kentucky-born textile artist, Terrie Hancock Mangat and Kenyan-born physician, Devinder Mangat she was raised around art, materials and cultural experience. She has traveled extensively since early childhood in Kenya, Europe and Bali, which along with her Indian heritage, has provided diverse exposure to ethnic and cultural experiences and aesthetics. As a result, she grasps many unique techniques and is aware of a diverse range of materials from worldwide localities. These influences provide the signposts for her artistic journey through life.